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The more enlightened (in my view) aid types have been wagging their fingers for decades, telling their colleagues to adopt more politically literate approaches to their work. Why isn’t everyone convinced? Neil McCulloch applies a bit of political economy analysis to the aid business. Over the ...
By From Poverty to Power on 27th Mar 2014
Two days ago, World Vision USA announced its willingness to hire LGBT employees who were married. To insiders in the aid and development world, this was a stunning reversal, as World Vision USA’s (legal but problematic) resistance to hiring LGBT employees is well-known in the aid world. Therefore, the decision to openly hire married LGBT [...]
By Open the Echo Chamber on 27th Mar 2014
The government minister whose deplorable conduct on a flight between Tobago and Trinidad came to public attention, has been fired by the country's Prime Minister. Written by Janine Mendes-Franco · comments (0) Donate · Share: facebook · twitter · googleplus · reddit · StumbleUpon · delicious
By Global Voices on 26th Mar 2014
The IGMENA campaign “Click Rights” aims to bring more awareness of digital rights to citizens, so they in turn can pressure governments and the private sector to uphold them.
By Global Voices on 26th Mar 2014
The dropping of charges against a former minister of Parliament in a corruption scandal involving the distribution of light bulbs, has Jamaicans discussing whether the judicial system has a bias.
By Global Voices on 26th Mar 2014
People are angry and tired, and media houses often publish news about the connection between political leaders and goons but no one takes to the streets to protest corruption – an anomaly for a country where people have Nepal Bandhs, country-wide strikes for every distress. Siromani Dhungana posts an analysis...
By Global Voices on 26th Mar 2014
Marco Civil has finally been approved in the lower house of Brazil's Congress and next should be voted in Senate. The bill of rights for Internet users became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, following a large-scale campaign that was promoted during the day of the vote, March 25, 2014, under the hashtags #MarcoCivil and #
By Global Voices on 26th Mar 2014
Le Minh Khai refers to the book of D. R. M. Irving in explaining the long history of Filipino musicians playing Western music: …there was a rich experience of musical contact and exchange between Spaniards and Filipinos that began not long after the Spaniards established their control over the Philippines...
By Global Voices on 26th Mar 2014
Seniors must place a special sticker on the back of their car to signify that they are elderly. Rates of fatal crashes involving seniors is on the rise.
By Global Voices on 26th Mar 2014
Susan Benesch is one of the leading thinkers on counter […]
By My Heart is in Accra on 26th Mar 2014
Had a fun and slightly retro evening last week launching ‘Critique, Influence, Change’, a new series of Zed Books (actually new editions of some of their old books), along with my friend and guru Ha-Joon Chang and Ellie Mae O’Hagan, a smart young Guardian columnist/activist in Occupy and UK Uncut. T...
By From Poverty to Power on 26th Mar 2014
Today, Oxfam is publishing a briefing on its ‘food and climate justice’ campaign. Here’s a post I wrote for the launch. When I get into my car in London, I step into a system designed to get me safely from A to B. It has seat belts, airbags, and an increasing number of electronic w...
By From Poverty to Power on 25th Mar 2014
Countering the assertion by John McWhorter at the New republic that learning French is pointless, Pascal Emmanuel Gobry  writes on his Forbes blog that French might just be the language of the future: French isn’t mostly spoken by French people, and hasn’t been for a long time now. The language is...
By Global Voices on 25th Mar 2014
Photoshoped swastika is making the rounds on RuNet.
By Global Voices on 25th Mar 2014
Paraguay will live its first general strike after two decades. Workers, peasants, teacher unions and students will give Horacio Cartes his first major test as president.
By Global Voices on 25th Mar 2014
Repeating Islands notes the passing of Trinidad and Tobago's first ever Olympic medallist, weightlifter Rodney Wilkes. Written by Janine Mendes-Franco · comments (0) Donate · Share: facebook · twitter · googleplus · reddit · StumbleUpon · delicious
By Global Voices on 25th Mar 2014
Ten years after the World Development Report 2004, the ODI’s Marta Foresti reflects on the past decade and implications for the future Why do so many countries still fail to deliver adequate services to their citizens? And why does this problem persist even in countries with rapid economic growth an...
By From Poverty to Power on 24th Mar 2014
Cheryl Doss, a feminist economist at Yale University argues that (as with ‘70% of the world’s poor are women‘ ) we need to stop using the unfounded ‘women own 2% of the world’s farmland’ stat, and start using some of the real numbers that are emerging (while also ...
By From Poverty to Power on 21st Mar 2014
OK, I think we’ll draw a veil over the slightly disappointing migration wonkmassacre wonkfirstroundknockout wonkwar and get on with other stuff. The latest Chronic Poverty Report (2014-15) was released last week, and I urge you to take a look. It’s a goldmine of analysis, case studies and grap...
By From Poverty to Power on 20th Mar 2014
Justin Sandefur responds to yesterday’s post by Paul Collier on the impact of migration on developing countries, and you get to vote The global diaspora of educated Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans living in the developed world stand accused of undermining the development of their countri...
By From Poverty to Power on 19th Mar 2014
Take a seat people, you’re in for a treat. Paul Collier kicks off an exchange with Justin Sandefur on that hottest of hot topics, migration. I’ve asked them to focus on the impact on poor countries, as most of the press debate concentrates on the impact in the North. Justin replies tomorrow and (if ...
By From Poverty to Power on 18th Mar 2014
Following his uber killer fact paper (assets of world’s 85 richest individuals = 3.5 billion poorest) Ricardo Fuentes (@rivefuentes) turns his jaundiced but numerate gaze to the UK (and triggers another media splash – see end for links) Economic inequality is much talked about these days. Two ...
By From Poverty to Power on 17th Mar 2014
Earlier this month I attended the African Evaluators’ Conference (AfrEA) in Cameroon as part of the Technology and Evaluation stream organized by Pact with financial support from The Rockefeller Foundation’s Evaluation Office and The MasterCard Foundation. A first post about ICTs and M&E at the Afrea Conference went into some of the deliberations around using or not usin
By wait...what? on 17th Mar 2014
I attended the African Evaluators’ Conference (AfrEA) in Cameroon last week as part of the Technology and Evaluation strand organized by Pact with financial support from The Rockefeller Foundation’s Evaluation Office and The MasterCard Foundation. The strand was a fantastic opportunity for learning, sharing and understanding more about the context, possibilities and realities of usi
By wait...what? on 14th Mar 2014
A few examples of his legacy (please add your own): his famous five questions to the powerful (via the Political Gates blog) and a plaque he had installed in a cupboard in the House of Commons, but first an interview with Michael Moore (h/t Ben Phillips)    ...
By From Poverty to Power on 14th Mar 2014
It’s hard to explain just how much Myanmar has ch […]
By My Heart is in Accra on 13th Mar 2014
Engin Onder and Zeynep Tufekci visited the Berkman Cent […]
By My Heart is in Accra on 13th Mar 2014
I’m getting a bit better at updating my website…probably because I have more to update. Specifically, I’ve put up some new work on the publications page. There, you will find: The chapter on celebrity humanitarianism I wrote with Ami Shah and Bruce Hall The refereed journal article on gender and adaptation A whole raft of [...]
By Open the Echo Chamber on 12th Mar 2014
The NYC Technology Salon on February 28th examined the connection between bigger, better data and resilience. We held morning and afternoon Salons due to the high response rate for the topic. Jake Porway, DataKind; Emmanuel Letouzé, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative; and Elizabeth Eagen, Open Society Foundations; were our lead discussants for the morning. Max Shron, Data […]
By wait...what? on 10th Mar 2014
Over at HURDLblog, Daniel Abrahams has a provocative post on the persistent failure of environmental conservation efforts in the policy world – especially efforts to address climate change and its impacts. He wonders aloud how we can build proactive conservation policies when politics are most easily mobilized around the visible symptoms of failing conservation, such [...]
By Open the Echo Chamber on 7th Mar 2014
As Tom over at Humanosphere wrote a few days ago, there’s a cool initiative happening at Sheffield University that seeks to develop a global research agenda related to the post-2015 sustainable development goals process. (Disclaimer, I’m part of the steering committee.) ID100: The Hundred Most Important Questions in International Development asks individuals and organization
By wait...what? on 7th Mar 2014
Andy Sumner was kind enough to invite me to provide a blog entry/chapter for his forthcoming e-book The Donors’ Dilemma: Emergence, Convergence and the Future of Aid. I decided to use the platform as an opportunity to expand on some of my thoughts on the future of food aid and food security in the context of [...]
By Open the Echo Chamber on 6th Mar 2014
This is a fascinating thinkpiece from four leading thinkers at the Boston Consulting Group, Martin Reeves, Ron Nicol, Thijs Venema and Georg Wittenburg. As well as discussing the power of evolutionary approaches in business, it showcases BCG’s work with agent-based modelling to strengthen strategic thinking (about which more on this blog soon). Much of relevance […]
By Aid on the Edge on 4th Mar 2014
danah boyd is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Resea […]
By My Heart is in Accra on 25th Feb 2014
Last week, popular journalist Vladimir Solovyov dedicated an entire radio show to dissecting and denouncing the Maidan-supportive tweets of a handful of students from Moscow’s Higher School of Economics. Why?
By Global Voices on 24th Feb 2014
Russian nationalists worry Russian-speaking Ukrainians will be "derussified."
By Global Voices on 24th Feb 2014
Following on from last week’s food riots post, some wider context. The news is full of protests (Kiev, Caracas, Cairo), but to what extent is it really ‘all kicking off everywhere’ as Paul Mason claims? Just come across a pretty crude, but thought-provoking paper that tries to find out. For Wo...
By From Poverty to Power on 24th Feb 2014
Tech blogger Amitha Amarasinghe alleges that Facebook is being portrayed negatively in mainstream media in Sri Lanka accompanied with saucy headlines like “Student commits Suicide over a Facebook photo”, “Facebook love ends in Death” etc: All of a sudden, there is a huge increase in number of mass media content...
By Global Voices on 24th Feb 2014
The situation in Venezuela continues to be extremely tense, with enormous marches and gatherings around the whole country that have left ten people killed and hundreds wounded. Venezuelans around the world who oppose their government have organized peaceful gatherings to make their voices heard and ensure local governments understand what...
By Global Voices on 23rd Feb 2014
Fokus magazine, considered to be the last print edition critical of the Macedonian government, has once again been financially burdened by the government, this time for quoting a source.
By Global Voices on 23rd Feb 2014
The health international network La Chaîne de l’Espoir (The Link of Hope) reports that 7 Congolese children in critical conditions benefited from open heart surgeries [fr] on February 14 in Brazzaville, Congo. With the help of the Congo Assistance Fundation as well, Prince Béni and Maya, both suffering from cardiomyopathy were...
By Global Voices on 23rd Feb 2014
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