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Oxjam Music Festival Manager


Volunteer - United Kingdom, Western Europe

Apply by: 28th February 2017

Oxjam Festival Manager (Voluntary Role)

Key Purpose: To lead a team to organise a multi-venue Oxjam Music Festival in your hometown to raise money for Oxfam GB.
Ideal experience for: Candidates looking for events, project management, fundraising experience or experience in the music industry.

Commitment: Seven months (April to November 2017), 10+ hours a week. Between September and the end of October, up to 25 hours a week will be required.
Oxjam is the nation’s largest grassroots music festival. Hundreds of events take place throughout October all over the country. It’s a massive celebration of local music organized by amazing teams of volunteers that raise thousands of pounds for Oxfam every year. Since 2006, these events have raised more than £2.7 million for Oxfam.

The centre piece of the festival are the Oxjam Takeovers – up to 50 incredible multi-venue events happening in towns and cities across the UK, all over the course of several weekends in October. These events literally take over the town, bringing together up to 8 venues, 100s of local artists and whole communities of music lovers in order to showcase the very best of local talent.

As a Festival Manager, you will recruit and inspire a team of talented volunteers to organise a series of fundraising events, culminating in an Oxjam Music Festival in your hometown. It’s an experience like no other and will leave you amazed at what you can achieve in 7 months!
Key responsibilities:

1. To recruit and manage a team of volunteers.
2. To take responsibility for your team meeting or exceeding a fundraising target - this will be set by agreement between you and Oxjam’s central team.
3. To plan and deliver a music event which will take place across multiple venues on a single day in October.
4. To lead your team to organise a series of fundraising events in the months prior to your Takeover, to generate funds to cover your event costs, and to maximise the amount that you raise for Oxfam.
5. To be in regular communication with the central Oxjam team and co-ordinate with other Festival Managers nationwide. You will be given a principal point of contact within the central Oxjam team, with whom you will be in regular contact by phone, email and face-to-face. You will have to agree with them a regular time for a weekly half hour phone conversation or meeting.
6. To attend the Oxjam Festival Manager induction session (22nd-23rd April 2017) and Oxjam Live – a training and social networking event with key industry bodies (Saturday 8th July 2017).

Skills and experience required:

• Experience of leadership positions, either professionally or within teams, clubs or societies (E)
• Excellent project and time management skills (E)
• Strong inter-personal and communications skills (E)
• Excellent Organisational skills and ability to self motivate (E)
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team (E)
• Knowledge and understanding of your local music scene (D)
• Experience of organising live music events or similar (D)
• Fundraising experience is desirable (D)
• Passion for Oxfam’s cause (D)

(E)- Essential/ (D)-Desirable

For further information: Oxjam Manager:

Application process:

Please visit to download an application form.

Your completed application form can be emailed to or sent to The Oxjam Team, Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Oxford, OX4 2JY

All applications must be received by Friday 24th February 2017. Interviews will take place late February – beginning of March (dates will vary by region).

Please mention Jobs4Development in your application

The Deadline has Passed

It's no longer possible to apply for this job. Please check out the latest jobs.



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